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This section of our website will provide additional details about how the Hockey Canada Novice Program Guide will be implemented for our rep and local league teams in the coming season. 

Please see the Following information from the executive of Sarnia Girls Hockey

Hello All,


I have received numerous emails and texts in regards to novice programming for the 2019-2020 season.  Based on the feedback I would propose the following:

1.  We would divide the approximately 30 players in half based on skill from the evaluation conducted in the tryouts.  This would create essentially a tier 1 and tier 2 team. 

2.  We would enter both the tier 1 and tier 2 team in the W.O.G.H.L. .  The information about the novice league can be found at the W.O.G.H.L. website.  (woghl.com)

3.  From the W.O.G.H.L. Guidelines we would be entering our teams in Option #2 (Transition to full-ice play) with mixed novice age (2011 & 2102).

4.  It was suggested at the meeting that we reopen the application process for coaching this age group.  I encouraged anyone who was interested in coaching to contact me.  At this point no one has contacted me.  We do have a good group already in place to take this on but they will require additional help to run these teams this season.  We need to have at maximum a 5 to 1 player to coach ratio so there is lots of opportunities to get involved.

5.  There are no tournaments for novice this year but instead jamborees.  How many and which ones the teams enter will be at the discretion of the coaches based on parental input.

6.  In regards to fees.  Based on the feedback received we are essentially going to be doing something similar to last year as far as ice time is concerned.  Each team would have 1 practice session and 1 game session per week.  Based on this information fees would be the same as last year. 

On the basis of efficiency I chose this method to respond to the group in general as opposed to individuals.  I believe this plan address the majority of the concerns raised.  As stated at the meeting a few nights ago our organization will be represented at O.W.H.A. A.G.M. and specifically the novice information session on May 11.  We will also be attending the W.O.G.H.L. A.G.M. Any information from those meetings will be shared via the website or by email.

Unless there are further significant concerns I propose we name coaches and allocate players to the two teams.  I would like to finalize this as by Saturday May  4th at Noon.

As always, if there are any concerns please contact me.


Thanks, Brad

[email protected]

519-384-5154 (text only, if you would like to talk please text me to set up a time)